Gateway City Rocks to a Hispanic Beat


Music is the soul of any culture. The Latin American soul sung in Kiener Plaza September 7, 8 and 9, 2012. The Hispanic community of the Greater St. Louis metro area celebrated its diversity and richness through food, crafts, and music. People danced in front of the stage, with the Gateway Arch in the background, as musicians played Latin Pop, Salsa, Rock, and much more.

Music reflects the culture from which it came. While the lyrics were in Spanish, it was clear the origins were diverse. The cultures of North, Central, and South America called the people to dance floor. Each culture gave the audience something different. It didn’t matter if you spoke Spanish or not, the emotions of the songs and various types of beats made you dance. Even the vendors and onlookers had to toe tap and dance.



Latino music coming out of the United States echoes with memories of the countries from Latin America. It resonates with triumph and heartache of trying to fit into an alien culture. The struggles of growing up and living in modern America with the crime and discrimination play across the songs. It recalls the dangers of illegal immigration and the blind groping of the legalization process to stay in the new home. The music cries the loneliness of leaving wives and children and all they have known. In all of the music, there is the hope for the future.


The Festival gave St. Louis community a taste of what the Hispanic culture brings to the Midwest. Like all good appetizers, the music at the Hispanic Festival leaves you wanting more.


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